At Castlegate Capital, we know the importance of managing assets well. In an ever changing world, making sure you plan for the future and ensuring the security of what you have worked for is crucial. We provide you, not only with the advice on what steps you need to take to achieve this, but how to choose between the financial options that are available to you.

Traditionally, wealthy families have used Family Offices which are set up specifically to manage their families wealth and assets. This can often be a time consuming and costly exercise. At Castlegate Capital, we have developed a similar proposition that enables us to look after our clients financial well being using holistic financial planning. We can also liaise with, recommend or appoint the other professionals required to ensure every area is covered. In short we can act as an intermediary to source all of our clients needs in one place.

By doing this we are able to get a much better understanding of our clients changing circumstances and all professional parties involved are in communication allowing for every part of the clients planning to be dealt with simultaneously. This leads to a co-ordinated, integrated solution.

The value of investments and income from them may go down. You may not get back the original amount invested.

This chart shows Castlegate’s wealth management process.